Team Introduction

The PEAIG Group has established a strong management team, which has a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, and has been working in the financial and capital industry for a long time, and has achieved good performance in the past and will create more brilliant future as well.

The team members are young and full of vigor and vitality, more than 70% with master's and doctoral degree or above. In view of professional backgrounds in banking, finance, law, engineering, industry and commerce, etc.,they have been equipped with high professional level and specialized abilities,marked with the great consiousness of innovation, courage facing to challenges, strong sense of responsibility and excellent team spirit. Because they have met the business development needs of the Group, the team members have been viewed as the core business backbone.

The Group attaches great importance to the team building and has a sound talent training program. It absorbs a batch of outstanding graduates every year to form a talent echelon and encourage talents to stand out, so as to meet the demand of talents according to the Group's development strategy in the long run.